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Cheap, fast and climate compensated!


3D printing

has never been easier

Responsible 3D printing

When ordering from, you receieve high-quality prints made using recycled materials and bioplastics, always climate compensated through tree planting in Africa.

What we do



We take 3D printing seriously. That's why we've spent years experimenting with different teqniques and technologies to be able to deliver you the best possible print. Always produced in Sweden using responsible materials and 100% climate compensated shipping.


What's your idea?

With our experience in CAD and 3D modelling you can trust us to help you with your design - no matter if it's a small tweak or a completely new product.


Sometimes your model just needs that extra touch, the cherry on top. We know that just the print isn't always enough, so we also offer the ability to have your custom 3D print be sanded, sprayed, smoothed or whatever suits your needs. Just to make your print that extra bit more perfect.